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Adekunle Gold’s Money . . Hit or Miss?

Money money, ego egoApekanuko owo owo
The urban high life music genre in Nigeria isn’t the most popular music genre in the country but it appears on millions of playlists because Adekunle Gold makes beautiful songs out of the genre. Since his startling debut in 2010, Adekunle Gold has been amongst the stars of the industry, using the support of YBNL to put out good music thereby carving a niche for himself.
Due to the expiration of his YBNL contract, Adekunle continued his music career by setting up a music band named 79th element to help him make the best out of his unique sound. He has since put out records like Call On Me and Only Girl. His millions of fans are still warming up to the transition in the career of the prince of urban high life music.
Adekunle Gold recently released Money and there has been a lot of comments about the song; good and bad. Below are the comments on Adekunle Gold’s Money from the TooXclusive camp.
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Review by Ibironke Oluwatobi (@ibironketweets)
This song sounds so much like his 2016 song, My LifeI like My Life but I struggle to feel this new song Money, for some reason. Lately, I really think Adekunle Gold has been struggling to find that statement-making record, especially since he left YBNL. For me, Money is not a great record, I’d say it leaves me unmoved.
Rating – 2.5/5

Review by Daniel Enisan (@dahnielz)
First of all, we need a music category that will house sounds from the likes of Adekunle Gold and other artistes that we have forced into the ‘alternative’ genre.
Money! It’s refreshing to have such sound as this on the playlist. ‘Çall On Me’ had me wondering what ‘Dekunle was trying to do. The instrumental on this one is well-laced, big up to Pheelz.
Like I always say, Adekunle Gold gives you that feel you get from listening to the iconic King Sunny Ade back then. It’s like listening to a younger version of him.
I’m really looking forward to his ‘About 30’ album.
Rating – 3.5/5

Review by Jim Donnett (@jimancipation)
The sway on songs sound different with the way ‘Kunle keeps presenting them in his music releases. His songs are pretty chill, very smooth and they have a not-so-regular groove appeal to it. It’s like something that is soft sounding to the ears, but at the same time quite heavy in the feel of it. So whether he’s singing about love, break-up, hustle or celebration, the effect cuts across and comes out the same.
Now, Money isn’t any different, and although it shares striking highlights already polarized in some of his dated works, you tend to forget having to worry about those such things when you’ve been successfully cajoled, seduced, induced and wooed by the stylish constructs on the song, as designed by producer, Pheelz.
Money is a classic record!
Rating – 3/5

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