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Mut4y Confirms Why Manya Was Taken Down From StarBoyTV On YouTube… Read Why!

Fans are still shocked at how a video like Wizkid’s Manya that has garnered over 1million views on his supposed StarBoy YouTube account in less than one week of its release can be taken down, either by the artiste or by YouTube.
Well, the video has been taken off the Starboy’s account and while some social media users are pointing fingers to his deal with Sony, stating that Wizkid is not permitted to put up more than a stipulated number of videos, Mut4y has come out to state the reason for this in his confirmation of a tweet which was posted by @ChampAceWalker1 stating that taking off the song from Wizkid’s account was due to the complaints made about the video being on two YouTube pages, especially if one of the pages (StarboyTV)is being operated by an unknown individual.

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