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LYRICS: Emperor Dammy a.k.a "Speci-D" _ One More Time

Ere ti ajoshey ni alè ano /
Shey olejekashey lekansi / The play that we had last time /Can you let us do it One More time... x2

Verse 1:-
Hello sisi , From Nigeria / The way she dey whyne like a Caribbean sexy body shape like Kardashian / She's so fine / one of a Kind girrrl.. /Would you give me a chance just to love you right.? / Would you give me a chance just to prove my love to you? / Would you give me a chance just to hold you tight / you and I baby girl.. /
Please come hold my hands..

Verse 2:-
Be my Beyonce / Baby girl make I be your Jay-Z / baby girl You dey drive me crazy / omo toh fine / omo toh cute / omo toh fresh / all other girls make them sit down for bench / You dey make fire Quench / na you be the first / na you be the best / Omalicha / Omalicha / Omalicha eey /
Omalicha, you burn my heart like a shisha / for my heart you dey so special.../

Hook :-
Ololufe Jowo mayi lò /
iwoni mofè ni aye mi /
towo bade / sho ma baminò oo /
Baminò .......

Chorus Repeat x2
One more time / One more time /
One more time /
Can You let us do it
Speci-D / Haarhh
nanananana nananana

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