This is a passionate appeal to our South African fans to stop xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and indeed other foreigners in South Africa.
As a Nigerian blog that has been serving South Africans since 2015, NaijaVibes  believe it is our responsibility to have a say in the chaos happening right now.
This message carries no threat of a boycott of SA music or anything, cause “an eye for an eye,” would make all Africans blind.
You reading this, may not be involved. But one way or the other you may know someone who is involved and can directly or indirectly make a difference.
South Africa as a nation cannot exist in isolation and need the contributions of foreigners to grow its economy.
Killing Nigerians and Zimbabweans won’t create jobs for South Africans, rather it would render those employed by foreigners jobless.
And to our Nigerian, Zambian, Zimbabwean and other African brothers reading this, reprisal attacks on South African businesses in your home country is not the way forward. Violence would only render many jobless and create more chaos.
As Africans, we are supposed to help each other grow, not kill each other. Let’s all embrace one another with an arm of love and find a lasting solution to xenophobia. This hate cannot continue.

Let love lead!

Post Navi

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